Ever had those days when you’re feeling down in the dumps? When you don’t have the will or energy to get up in the morning? When everything around you looks bleak and grey and you’re asking: why me? What’s the use of going on? Why bother? No one understands and no one cares. Chances are you’re feeling depressed!

I’m going to focus only on two aspects of how you can beat depression. Firstly it will be ‘can depression be controlled? Depression is not like a disease that can be spread or a virus that you can catch. It doesn’t just appear out of nowhere like a ghost in the dark and spring upon you without warning. Believe it or not, you make it happen; you create your own depression as well as all the other results in your life through the thoughts you dwell upon and your behaviour and the actions you take.

I’m not saying that it is wrong to be depressed. We all get depressed at some stages in our lives. Sometimes for reasons beyond our control. The problem with most people, when it comes to changing and controlling their mental states, is that they have this unyielding and totally misguided idea that they cannot control anything that happens in their minds. A person can control his/her mind through their thoughts.

Lastly, the other aspect is ‘learn and take action’. There are countless stories of people that succeeded in life, only because some tragic event or major downfall caused them to take positive action and change for the better. They learnt from their experiences, putting it behind them and concentrated rather on the endless possibilities of the future.

Remember that you are what you think and ultimately your thoughts will make up your life. If you think miserable thoughts, you will be miserable. If you think exciting and motivating thoughts, you will be enthusiastic and motivated. So if you think depressing thoughts, you will be depressed. What you think is of vital importance to ascertain not only who you are, but also how you are. Whether you fail an exam or get dumped by the one you love, remember that it is not these things that make you depressed; it is how or what you think about them that make you depressed. In other words it is how you interpret the situation.

You have indirectly contributed to everything that has happened and will still happen in your life,whether good or bad.Every decision and action you have taken;every thought and feeling you have had-has resulted in your life as it is today.It is a fact that negative thoughts will attract negative experiences in your life.Thoughts like ‘i hate life’ ‘it always happens to me’,cloud your memory.So even when something good does come along,you involuntarily drive it away by saying things like, ‘It can’t possibly last’.

In Conclusion,never forget that happiness so sought after in life has nothing to do with who we are,what we have,whre we are or where we are going.It has anything to do with the thoughts we feed our mind.Happiness in life is but a state of mind and with the right positive thoughts,we can acquire that state of mind.Remember that you are what you think! If you radically change your thoughts for the better,you will radically change your life for the better.