Clouds are something we are so familiar with, that we hardly pay attention to. Or are you among those who can spend hours watching them? In their different shapes and colours they look beautiful. The sky looks beautiful because of the clouds, many people like to say, “You are beautiful like the diamonds in the sky.” Well the clouds look like the diamonds they are talking about.

Not many people notice the beauty of the clouds, how clouds makes the sky look so beautiful. The most amazing thing about the clouds is their formation, I found out that when clouds get formed air rises as it cools and decrease pressure spreading out or the invisible gas which turns into liquid water droplets.
There are type of clouds like cirrus, cirrostratus, altocumulus, cumulus, stratus etc. These groups of feathery clouds are found at altitudes above sea level and are made up of ice particles. Cumulus clouds looks like fluffy, white cotton balls in the sky. They are beautiful in the sunset and their varying sizes and shapes can make them fun to observe. Stratus clouds often look like a thin white sheet covering the sky and those two clouds are my favourite.

At first I didn’t realise the beauty of the clouds, but now I admire clouds and I am so in love with their beauty. They’ve become my happiness.


Tell us: What do you find the most interesting about clouds?