A long time ago there was a king who had two wives. He lived deep down in the sea. His first wife was pregnant and the second wife was very jealous because all the attention was on the first wife. She decided to kill the first queen but the first queen was lucky enough that she escaped After a few months she gave birth to a very cute dark skinned baby girl with blue eyes and on a small area near her forehead there was blue hair. It was as blue as the bright sky. The first queen knew that her baby was in danger so she left the sea and went to the human world. She saw a couple without children so she dropped her baby on their doorstep. She also wrote a letter asking them to take care of her baby as if she was theirs.

The couple found the baby and they were very happy but they didn’t understand because the baby was very different. The baby also had a weird mark on her back. They accepted her like that and loved her like she was their own. Treating her like a precious egg. They provided her with everything she needed. Dasha grew up believing that they were her biological parents. She turned 16 years old and went to an acting school. Everyone liked her a lot because she was different and she had a best friend called Lisa. Lisa was a very quiet girl.

One day Lisa was curious then she asked Dasha why she had blue hair and eyes. Dasha was so confused trying to figure it out. She went to the park on campus. Another weird boy with green hair and green eyes came, greeted her and asked why she was sitting all alone. Dasha didn’t reply she just looked at him, she asked him why he had green eyes. He smiled at her and asked her what her name was. She told him and he said her name meant Ocean. She was shocked and asked how he knew, he invited her to go to the sea; she agreed.
On Saturday morning, they went to the sea. As soon as both of them jumped in the sea, she turned into a beautiful blue mermaid and the boy turned into a green one. She was surprised when she saw herself as a beautiful creature. There were other mermaids and they saw her mother, she was very happy.

The second queen was very angry because she didn’t have children, she wanted to kill Dasha in front of the people, the king stopped her and took all her mermaid powers. They banished her. Dasha had two families, the human family and the mermaid family. Dasha and the weird boy fell in love with each other and lived happily ever after.


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