Sometimes in life we like sharing most of the things with our friends and we trust them. But the question is, do the same people we call friends love and trust us the way we do? Or are they just against us and become our biggest enemies? Not all friends are like that, some are good and some are not.

We would talk, laugh, sing together and we will not know that they are just using us. When friends are with you they will pretend to be caring and being supportive while they do not care. Those friends are our enemies. It is all about betrayal and unfaithfulness. Friends wish you the bad in life. There are times when you will need them by your side, usually that is when you are in a crisis, and you will reckon them to hold your hand and they would not care or be concerned of what you are going through.

Instead of them being there for you, they will just be joyful wherever they are. We just go around telling people how great our friends are while they don’t do the same about us. Sometimes you see that the friendship should end but you would not know how to end it. You would just wonder if they are your friends or enemies. Some friends are a bad influence to you, all they want to do is to just demolish you and your life.

When you need them the most they are just nowhere to be found. They are absent from you. We, as people, think that we have the most astonishing friends while we don’t. We call them friends while they are our enemies.


Tell us: Do you have “fake friends”? Why do you keep them?