Naomi was a tall, pure African girl, forced to live in a country not home to her. She had younger siblings and they lived with their old grandmother. They all depended on Naomi for food, care, healthcare and a life. They lived in an old – small dumped room. The children couldn’t even go to school, because they couldn’t afford it; they couldn’t afford school uniforms and they didn’t exactly have legal papers to stay in that country.

The situation they lived in was horrible. The environment was dirty and all the many people that lived there, had very little chance of ever seeing another day. Most of the people lived there because of poverty, homelessness, were orphaned and neglected. In the cold night, they just covered themselves up with cardboard boxes. They escaped their country in the 90’s because of the trouble, hoping to find a better life, only to find out how worse their next life would be.

The family depended on Naomi for survival, and she had a spirit to never let them down. She walked long kilometres to find ways to put food on the table (they generally ate from plastic lunchboxes on the floor).

For three whole days, the family had bad luck, as they began going to bed with a hungry tummy. Naomi failed to find help and food. But, her family never blamed her, all they did was to comfort her, give positive feedback and thank her. So the next day Naomi got to her feet and again started walking to her aunt’s house to ask for some money. On her way, a man and woman, carrying a little baby called her.

They looked a bit worried and they were very wealthy. When she went to them, they told her they were on their way out and they needed someone to look after their baby, so they asked her to babysit their child. Understanding English very little, she was shocked. She thought by babysitting they meant she must sit on their baby.

She didn’t know what to reply to them, and her thinking it was how things were done in this country, agreed to do it when they offered her the money. She couldn’t refuse and go back home to find her skeleton family dried up dead.

Two hours and thirty minutes later, when they arrived, a scream could be heard from miles away. They actually saw Naomi physically sitting on their baby. The few months old baby died of suffocation. And the heavy weight, on its light body covered in bruises, couldn’t support the weight.

Naomi was arrested for murder and because of her weak language, she couldn’t support herself in court. She was arrested for killing an innocent baby. A couple of days later, her entire family died of starvation. When she heard the story in prison, she was released. But not go to the funeral or to be a free person. She was released to be buried.

Sadly… you can say, she committed suicide by starving and dehydrating herself to death.

The End