Ema spent 15 years with her parents till they died of cancer. Apparently they didn’t know that they had it. Ema was always with her parents and she was never close with her other family members. But when her parents died she had to go live with her cruel Aunt Sarah.

Her whole life changed rapidly after that! Her happiness was gone because of how her Aunt Sarah treated her. A few years went past.

“Wake up and make me tea,” said Aunt Sarah.

“I have to go to school, Aunt. I don’t want to be late again. Aunty, please ask Faith to make tea for you. I just can’t or I will be kicked out of school,” Ema said, and Aunt Sarah was angry, you could tell from her face.

“If you wanna live with me you have to do whatever I say or you will be on the streets. I actually don’t care if you get kicked out of school. Faith is sick so she can’t make tea for me so either you do tea now or you leave my house!” she said.

Ema was sad, she wanted to cry because that is what she had to deal with every day. She had to obey her instructions or else she would be kicked out. “I will make tea for you,” said Ema, defeated.

“You’re not going to school today because Faith is sick and I’m going to the shops so take care of her,” Aunt Sarah said.

Ema was distraught and depressed, she didn’t know how was she going to keep up and pretend to be OK. She thought of a plan to escape from her dreadful aunt. She sometimes didn’t even eat so she had to eat Faith’s leftovers, since Faith didn’t eat that much. Ema didn’t even have lunch at school. She always took water only but this time Ema had had enough. Since Aunt Sarah was gone, Ema thought she could escape. She made sure that Faith didn’t see her and went out through the back door and she ran as fast as she could. She went to her friend’s house.

Ema realised it was late but she banged the door and Gabby’s mom opened.

“Hello my dear,” said Gabby’s mom.

“Hello ma’am. I need help but I have to get inside the house first, please ma’am,” Ema pleaded.

Gabby’s mom let Ema inside. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Ma’am, I have been suffering and abused under Aunt Sarah, please help me. She always threatens me not to tell anyone and I’m scared. This has been happening ever since I lived there.”

Gabby’s mom was shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me before? OK, go to Gabby, I’m going to handle this.”

“Ma’am, please be careful, she almost killed me with poison,” Ema warned.

“Don’t worry, I’ll call the police.”

In the morning, the cops went to Aunt Sarah’s house and showed her a warrant of arrest. She was scared and wanted to escape but they caught her.

“You’re under arrest for abuse and attempted murder,” said the arresting officer, reading her rights. Faith didn’t know what to do so she escaped.

“Aunt Sarah is now arrested so she won’t bother you again. You can live with us for now,” Gabby’s mom said.

“I would love to live with you,” Ema said, pulling a rare smile.

Ema’s happy days started as she was now living with Gabby’s family. Gabby’s mom adopted her and she became a part of the Wilson family. They lived happily ever after.

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