Just take this moment to remember what your boyfriend said to you when he first approached you.

If your boyfriend said, “I didn’t know what to say to you”, it simply means he wants to play you. You might think he was just shy, but shy people say, “I didn’t know how to tell you that I love you.” Do you see the difference?

If he came to you and said, “I can’t see myself living without you”, he was just making it obvious that he was not the one. Ask him how was he living before he met you. Ask him if he has any exes. If he does, ask them what he told them when he first approached them. You will find that he said the exact same things he said to you.

If he asked you if he could show you off on his Facebook the very first day, then he simply wanted to prove a point to his friends. He wanted to show them that he won the girl he told them about, basically peer pressure led him to approach you.

Guys don’t usually like talking about the girls they genuinely love with their friends. But if he talks with his friends about you every day, he doesn’t love you.

If he sends you love poems that he didn’t write himself, that should get you thinking too.
That poem was written by someone expressing his/her feelings, and obviously your boyfriend can’t have the same feelings as the person who wrote that poem. If he really loves you, he will send you love poems that he wrote himself expressing his feelings towards you.

If he once asked you if you are a virgin and you said no, and the first words that came from his mouth were, “oh” that means he was disappointed. He wanted to be the one to open the gates of heaven, if I may say. A guy who loves you would answer you and say, “Ok, babe, that’s cool. I’m sure you had your reasons for doing it.”

My advice to the person reading this is don’t date because you have to, date because you know what you want. For example, a lot of people don’t know what they want in relationships and they end up falling pregnant, contracting STI’s or committing suicide because of stress.


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