I stood there amazed, with my jaw almost touching the ground. My eyes were fixed on her. The world around me stopped spinning. If she were a model, she sure would be a showstopper. All of my friends looked at me as if I was a maniac.

She walked towards us. I felt my heart giddy up. She walked like a diva. Confidence and self-esteem scale would read maximum if she was put on it. She had nice and long legs like Naomi Campbell. She stood before us and flashed her luxurious smile exposing her super white teeth. That kept me blushing and smiling from ear to ear. I didn’t hear that she had directed her question to me until she cleared her throat at my direction to break my chain of fantasies.

I politely asked her to impose the question for the second time and apologised for my manners. Her eyes suddenly beamed and I was lost on them. I quickly scanned her body. I wanted to run my hands on that body to die for, explore it like it is kind of a topographical map. You know the weather, it changes like it’s nobody’s business. The wind hovered and exposed her thighs – not completely though! Just a glimpse. My heart-beat went from normal to bizarre. Sweat started to drip down my face.

All this time I couldn’t help but blush. Thank goodness I wasn’t white. I wasn’t going to bear the embarrassment of being tomato-red. She then spoke. Oh boy, her sweet voice that I wouldn’t mind if they were buzzing on my ears every day. I became a mute, again. She walked towards me and shook my shoulder. My stomach became filled with uncountable butterflies! Explosions around me were unleashed. I came back to reality. I looked deeper on her eyes as I gave her a response. Luckily, I didn’t stutter. She then thanked me and walked away.

I didn’t notice that she’s been with us for five minutes but it seemed like it was forever. Yes, she was beautiful. I was restricted to make a move on her. My heart belonged to someone. Our ship of love was sailing on calm waters. I promised to never cheat on her.