“Firstly I believe that we human beings are all equal in rights and dignity regardless of gender. I also believe that in the past, custom and culture was dominant, as a result women were regarded inferior to men.”

However, times have changed and I think that women have the rights and freedom to do whatever they want without discrimination. Unfortunately, women are still treated as though they bring about their own misfortune through revealing their bodies. In SA, statistics estimates that 250 of every 100 000 women are victims of rape.

It is said to be the girl’s fault in most cases.

“Where was she going at that time of the night, dressed like that?”

Those are just some of the most frequently asked questions. As girls, we are taught to rethink our choices when it comes to dressing up, so we, “Don’t give men the wrong idea,”

Though some have gotten used to it, I still think it’s not fair to have to look over your shoulder the whole time. I truly wish and hope that in the same way girls are taught to behave decently around men, boys too can be taught to control their feelings and respect women.


Tell us: Why is consent so important?