I have to invest in myself than in other people’s lives. My life doesn’t have to rely on other people for me to achieve my planned goals. I have people who usually discourage me when I want to do something important.

I have even failed to start important things all because I listened to the sayings of those people who couldn’t see the value in themselves. People who don’t believe that every success begins within themselves. People who don’t know that for an airplane to be flying in the sky, it all began with a single person. One had to think that he could create something that could be flying like a bird in the sky.

I really think I have to change. One’s opinion about me does not have to become my reality. Even though I go through disappointments, I have to really know that I can do it myself. If no one sees it for me, I will see it for myself.


Tell us: Have you ever been discouraged from following your dreams? How did you handle it?