This one is not for fame. It for love, not for motivating.

This one is for appreciation to all of your comments. I never believed in myself, but you made me. I used to choose alcohol over my pen, used dancing over my mind, but finding your motivating comments made me smile, and be like ‘Njabz Njabulo kend’ this is you; someone is complementing your writing, someone’s life is touched by your work.

Thank you, I can never thank you enough. I promise to pull my socks up, and give you good stories, and good inspiration, and I will never be best or stop, but will always humble myself towards everyone.

I am no celebrity and I don’t want to be a celebrity. I’m not a motivational speaker and would never be one, but I am just an independent thinker from the hood. I do it for love, and receive for life.

I so wish everyone a very good life, a very strong fighting spirit, a very enthusiastic energy, a very extravagant happiness, and a very sad sorrow to keep you going.


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