Our lake is a source of money for our community.

To start with we live in the community called Chitimba. This community is near lake Malawi, a lake said to have 256 species of fish living in it.

It provides us with an income with the following:

To begin we look at tourism. People who are visiting places of interest they come to our community to enjoy what it has to offer. When they come they stay in lodges near our lake. In that way the lodges are providing jobs.

In addition there’s the fish industry. Fishermen have canoes and small boats called, bwato, which they use when catching fish. They use nets for catching medium fish and hooks for big fish. After catching fish the buyers wait for the fishermen. When the fishermen arrive with the fish the buyers start introducing prices according to the quality of fish. When buyers have bought the fish they go and sell it at their prices for them to earn a profit.

Lastly, beaches. White people like visiting African countries. When they come to our community they land on our beaches which are full of restaurants. After resting they go to the lake and start swimming, some of them start renting canoes and boats.


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