As Pam stared at her best friend, Alice, while she was stuck in hospital with bruises all over her face and body. All she could think of was how sorry she felt for her friend’s miserable life. Just then Mike walked in breaking Pam’s thoughts.

“Hi Pam… Look, I’m sorry…” Mike said.

Pam simply stared at him, trying to figure out where things went wrong. He was once a decent guy who somehow turned into a beast who beat his wife at home. Pam cleared her throat before she spoke up.

“You are not sorry Mike! Look at her! Look at what you did and you always do this to her. Do you ever think of Candice?” Pam hissed.

She took a deep breath before she continued.

“You may not beat her but you damage her soul and mind everyday she has to see you high on drugs and beating her mother up like a monster!”

After she spoke there was silence. Until she heard a voice, it was Pam managing to speak.

“Mike…” she whispered.

Mike moved towards her and hugged her tightly while tears flooded his eyes.

“Pfft, crocodile tears…” Pam mumbled.

“My love, I am so sorry. I want to quit. I am willing to…” he said but was interrupted.

“Ag, please man! Quit? If you wanted to quit you would have when you had the chance in rehab instead of escaping the rehab centres!” Pam yelled.

Alice took a deep breath in and with her energy she spoke up once again.

“Pam, please give Mike a chance. I know he is trying. Spare him the lecture please.” She pleaded for the sake of peace.

Pam was not surprised. Alice never knew when enough was simply enough. She was too soft and forgiving towards her husband and he was only taking advantage of it, as far as she was concerned. If you don’t teach a man how to treat you, he will beat you.

“This man will be the death of you. Think of your daughter for once! Do you want her to be without a mother?” Pam said with disappointment as she walked out of the room.

Alice felt the warm tears rolling down her face. Pam’s words kept ringing in her head but her thoughts were broken when she heard a joyful voice coming from outside her room. It was Candice, she came running in the room.

“Aunty Pam!” Candice shouted with joy.

Pam held Candice’s tiny hands and led her to her mother’s bedside where Mike was sitting on the other side holding Alice’s hand. When Candice met her mother’s eyes she had worry in her eyes.

“Mommy, are you OK? I’m scared of Daddy.” She said terrified of Mike.

Alice went pale. She rubbed her daughter’s cheeks.

“Honey, give your daddy a chance. Mommy is doing this for you. I don’t want you to grow up without a father like I did.” Alice said, looking into her daughter’s eyes.

Candice gazed at her father who was now burying his face in his hands. Candice felt sick at the thought of having him as a father.

“I would rather have no father at all than have a monster beating my mommy up.” Candice said disgusted.

Mike got up to exited the room but before he could make it out the door, Alice called after him.

“Mike! Please don’t leave me. I love you Mike, I love you unconditionally and I am willing to support you! I can’t give up on you, my high school sweetheart. I still see that decent guy in you.” Alice cried as tears ran down her cheeks.

“No, I am not worthy of your love anymore. You need to love your daughter more than you love me, she deserves your love. It’s time you make her your priority and not me.” Mike said staring into her eyes.

There was a silent pause before he spoke again.

“Love is a game of give and take, seems like I have been taking all your life, Alice. Stop trying to save me, that decent guy died the moment I laid a hand on you.”

“You’re right.” Alice said.

With that, he left. Alice felt a heavy burden leave her. She squeezed her daughter’s hand, realising she had already found unconditional love right there with her daughter and her best friend. It was finally time to discover her value again.


What would you do in Alice position, give Mike another chance or put your daughter first?