For a very long time there have been questions, by high school learners, whether university is good or not. Some have heard rumours that are not true, others have been told things that in fact are a reality about university. These should not mean you should not go to university at all.

This essay will help you to understand how university works, be aware of the DOs and DON’Ts of university. However, my statements are based on my opinions through which I seek to give clarity.

First, the most important thing is making friends at varsity. However, you must be wise when choosing your friends. You must have friends who will help you when you miss classes, friends who will help you to understand the modules and content, friends who will support you in times of weakness and depression. These kind of friends will make your life easier.

The second most important thing is doing your assignment and reading in time. Doing assignments in time is important because it seizes the pressure away from you. I sometimes don’t attend classes because I must do an assignment and submit it the same day, and on that very same day still go to class and write a test. The only way to get through this is to do your assignments and read in time.

Thirdly, use the resources available to your advantage. In university there are libraries, study rooms and things that might help you in your academics. For instance, it’s advisable to go to the librarian for to get help with referencing and ways to write an academic essay. Study rooms are a great motivation for reading as there will be other students reading as well. Study rooms do not give you room to be in your comfort zone or to socialise.

Lastly, not everything in university is about academics, you must also focus on yourself. In a good day you should sit with your friends, watch movies, go out a little and walk around, get a little rest. Studies have proven that university students are likely to suffer from depression because of their academics, therefore, you must relax for at least two days without doing any school work. Your health is important.


Tell us: How did you find the above tips about university?