The black nation used to be united by a common cause but is now divided by things that do not hold any value. How nice would it be to see this country united again? United we strived, united we conquered, united we prevailed, united we all became winners. But nowadays everyone is a victim of their own ego which now gets bigger every time someone fails
at what they were striving for. An ego that would let someone take the wrong path and still not be guided to the light.

We were like the planets with the solar system, we were inseparable. Our love back then was pure and it was the root of all great things in the world. Now the joy of someone else is much more appreciated by those who did not even know him or her, but is less appreciated by those who knew how much he struggled to reach that certain achievement.

Without peace and love then pain shall overshadow us at every turn and we will be left with questions like when did it all go wrong. We’ll still be unable to answer those questions because we forget fast about the pain we caused others.


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