I came to realise that it was love and it still is, and it will always be true.

Right there, I knew she spoke only the truth.

My first love is a woman, the best in the universe, and if you’re wondering, she holds the best degree in love, kindness and care. She holds a Master’s degree for raising me, a Bachelor’s degree for providing my every need, therefore I call her the world’s greatest mom.

I find so much pleasure and certainty that she knows exactly what I need; she taught me how to start with a warm heart in a cold world. Throw away skin lighteners, my dearest Mother, because you are the true beauty of Africa, and the essence of her being. You are my pride and joy.

You are beautiful and let no one tell you otherwise, with your natural and supple brown skin, that brings out the beauty of your eyes and the brightness of your smile. Happy Mother’s Day.


Tell us: What do you love most about your mother?