Why do you choose to be words rather than being a person. Who are you really? You said the wheel is spinning but why is the arrow of sadness and disappointment always pointed at me? Life who are you?

Why do people have depression because of you, life? My people end up committing suicide because of you, life. Why are men killing their loved ones? Why life? You said I should always face the challenges that you give me, but how would I face them when you are throwing the pieces of glass to gash my soul?

You now taught me how to bury jealousy, cruelty and unkindness. Now my heart is full of many graves, my God, help me exhume the graves that are in my heart. Hesitation is always knitting my mind with the wool of negativity because of you, life. I live in a daze because of you now.

I don’t know the meaning of stepping forward or backward, I am just a moving corpse. If you were a person I would kneel down in front of you and beg you to have mercy. Why do you choose to be words rather than being a person?


Tell us: What do you wish to understand about life?