“Today’s youth is tomorrow’s leaders.”

Who said that exactly? I mean, tomorrow is way too late for us to fix the mistakes our ancestors made yesterday. Just because we are young, doesn’t mean we cannot lead this nation. Our nation!

Leadership doesn’t even have an age restriction. It is our DNA – inherited from King Shaka and passed on to Nelson Mandela and now it is in you and me. It is urgent, we need to pick up where they left off and learn from the mistakes they made yesterday. Yet I can feel the very same youth denying this power and rapidly losing their true identity.

We are chasing money and materialistic things and I wonder if I told them that fast life paid a valuable price. The only thing I know is that speed kills, and this is a fact. Schools, colleges and other educational facilities are where one finds rats and flies hustling for a living. But come to the clubs and taverns, it’s where you find us hanging. As for graveyards and city pavements, they’ve turned into the biggest home of our youth.

What have we turned into? What happened to us!

What happened to the days when education used to be the ‘thing’? When we knew the difference between right and wrong? When we were all chasing after our dreams and goals, but now we chase after AmaBlesser.

I refuse to be part of high school dropouts, teenage pregnancy statistics and a victim of drug addiction and I don’t want to be part of that ugly Twitter post. I’m here for a purpose, maybe to change the world in my own way.

So, from now on, I forget everything and what everyone thinks about me because I know trends come and go. I sacrifice everything that belongs to my name. Welcome to my new world. A world where dreams are my daily bread and success I chase after and my dreams I build.

My mouth shall not remain shut, my goal and dreams, they too will be honoured by a kiss of reality. My voice shall be heard because I was not born to live a mediocre life, I was born to be different. I am not tomorrow’s leader but today’s.

One day, success will be the fruit of my labour. I will plant a seed that many generations will reap. My voice must be heard, now, not tomorrow. I shall not remain voiceless.


Tell us: Do you think the youth has lost its voice?