She was on her way to becoming a varsity graduate when she met the handsome gentleman that got her believe that love at first sight truly exists and she felt as if she had just found THE one. What a lucky day for young African Lady!

As she received his call, her face was painted with a joyful smile. Her heart feeling blissful, just like any human being, she couldn’t resist the magic her heart felt. She fell for him as he was constantly pouring sweet words into her ears. It was more like a dream come true for her. Only a few modules to go in university and a gentleman by her side. She tried everything in her power to reject his love, but as much as she tried to convince herself that what she was feeling was a lie, the stronger she bonded with him spiritually and physically.

She confessed: “What you feel about me, I feel it twice as much as you do.” With those words, she was welcoming him into her life, allowing him to be part of her life journey. She started to have endless conversations with him, pouring out her heart to him. He was so gentle, sweet and always praising her like Princess Isabelle of Orleans. He promised her the world, never hesitated to let her know that he was not going leave her alone.

She felt loved and making him her priority was such an amazing opportunity to grab, she said. She trusted him enough to let him jump into her bed and make her feel as if she was in paradise or on vacation in Disneyland. Oh, poor soul! She didn’t know what kind of devil she was accommodating.

He started to get moody whenever she requested his help. When they argued, he started to be rude to her, calling her evil names. But she was too blinded by love to see the tension between them. He started abusing her emotionally and her friends told her to get rid of the bastard. She said: “If you ever felt this way for someone, you’d know how it feels to be in love.” She claimed it was true love and love has pain and sorrows.

One day, she received the shock of her life as the same man contacted her, now pouring bitter words to her ears: “I’m done! This is our separation. It’s time you focus on your life and let me build my future with the queen of my heart,” he said. The queen of his heart was her so-called best friend that she used to share everything with.

She sat in tears, wondering what she was doing in the first place, but it was too late. She was emotionally done, mentally drained and spiritually dead. The months passed by but there was no sign of her period. Later she received mail from her doctor congratulating her on her pregnancy. She felt betrayed and wanted him to pay, but how would she manage to do that on her own while she had 99 other problems to deal with?

The neighbours are always on her case, asking her about the father, but all she says is: “I am the father and the mother at the same time.” The modules are still on standby and the smooth-talker doesn’t even care nor know how she and the new-born are doing. It all ends like a blowing storm. She judged the character by his looks and sweetness.