Do you ever just want to disappear off the face of the Earth for some time? Do you ever feel a strong need to disguise yourself so that familiar faces won’t recognise yours? These are the questions you probably ask yourself daily in regards to self-conscious thoughts you might be having about yourself.

Keep in mind that it’s quite normal to be having such intense thoughts concerning yourself. It’s entirely normal to just want to vanish even for a little while, or to completely change up your appearance in hopes of no-one familiar acknowledging who you are.

This could actually lead to the feeling of relaxation; being at ease and having this alleviating feeling rush through your veins. You would be feeling as if you’re a bird, the feeling of freedom coursing throughout your body.

But of course, things like this never last for long. Things like this have to end at some point.

Soon you’ll be longing to return to that familiarity once again. Those feelings of stress and anxiety might make a comeback and take a major toll on your life for the nth time. Unfortunately, this is how life operates in the real world.

You walk. You talk. You may even smile on occasion. You inhale and exhale like everyone else. You know the secrets of life and love, you know the secrets of loss and death; you own them. You long to share these delights with someone. You ache to feel the blood, hair and heart again. If only they knew.


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