I’ve resorted to the one thing I know helps me heal – writing. Actually, the fact that the pain weighs on me so much that I have to write it away speaks volumes. I understand that you have a lot going on in your life. I understand that I may not fully understand the kind of pressure you are under as a varsity student. I understand that even though I call you my best friend, this friendship has been one-sided for a long time as I have just trusted you with rescuing me. I never once threw a lifebouy your way and maybe this is your way of saving yourself – keeping away from the things that are pulling you under water, me being one of them.

I write this sixteen minutes past midnight with tears in my eyes because I miss you. Ironically I should be drowsy but waiting for you to finish recording a sixteen minute long voice note but here I am writing this letter. I never imagined in my life I would have to write. Basically, what I am saying is I still love you and I will be here waiting. Always.

Your Best Friend


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