We live in the world today where men are labelled toxic and arrogant for being masculine.
Masculinity is more than just expressing your manhood, it’s about embracing yourself as a man.

Men protect
Men provide
Men create and build
Men lead
Men make love

Nature itself proves it.
A man must protect his family, he must be willing to go hunt, risk his life to make sure that his family is well provided for. Men create, build shelter for their family, lead them and direct them to a brighter future. A man fights for what he loves, fights for what he believes in and never gives up until he wins. Lastly, men make love.
As a man, you need to have a purpose, a mission on this planet, something bigger than yourself. Stand for that thing, believe in it and always fight for it. As a man, you need to be strong, physically, mentally and emotionally.


One of the primary instincts of a man is to protect that which he cherishes. We live in a dangerous world, and as a man, you should always be prepared in case someone or something tries to attack your loved ones, you must be strong enough to protect your territory. Just like a lion protecting its pride, as a man you need to protect your family.

Men go to war for their nations, they are willing to risk their lives to protect those they love, to protect their land. As a man, you must be physically tough, lift weights, learn boxing and learn to handle different weapons. Being physically prepared is very important as a man; the lives of those you love could easily be endangered. When that happens you need to be prepared to protect them from any harm.

History proves that men have always been protectors; they protected their families from invasions and intruders. As a man, it is your duty to protect your family.


A man provides for his family. As a man you need to be willing to go and hunt so that your family can eat. When you get money, the first important expense is food and shelter. Before you even think about your personal needs you need to make sure that your loved ones have food, not just for that present day but also for the future.
You should always be assured that your family is well provided for, so it is advisable to also have a life policy that will make sure that when you die, your family will have the money to thrive. Providing even when you are no longer around. Men used to hunt animals for food. They went to hunt and bring food at home to feed their families.

Today the world is more advanced, as a man life is a bit different, you need to
go hunt money to feed your family. Provision is more than just food, as a man you need to also provide your family with shelter, education and safety. Making sure that your family is well taken care of, all the time, should be your primary motive.


Look around you, the buildings surrounding you, the PC or cell phone you are using, the country you live in, it’s constitution and policies.
At the core of every man’s purpose, it is the desire to create and build. Men build families; they create principles that governs families and organisations.

As a man, align your purpose to building, in all that you do, build. Build a business, build a family or build an organization, just build, that’s where you will find your joy.


Men are born to lead. Our bodies and minds are created to thrive in tough environments. We are born to lead. As a man, your leadership starts at home, leading your family.

You can’t successfully lead a community while you are failing to lead your family.
Always seek to lead as a man. Leading is more than just being ahead of everyone else, it requires responsibility and accountability.

Men who lead successful organizations, whether corporations or countries, these are men are accountable. As a man understand that you are a leader, and when you are given the
opportunity to lead, be accountable.


Tell us: What do you think makes a man? And do you agree with the author about what a man is?