He was the most amazing person I have ever known. He was there for me whenever the situation was good or bad. We started to date when I was only 12 years old, I was in primary school and in Grade 5. But that means nothing because I was so in love with him and love has no limit.

I remember the first time when my mother found out that I was dating and she was like, “You are still young, Lindiwe, and need to focus on school.”

But nothing mattered at the time because I was blinded by the love he was giving me. We used to love each other and nothing mattered. He was the best person and didn’t judge me, but most importantly he was a supportive boyfriend. Uthando lwethu was the most beautiful thing ever and he was making me happy.

He made me believe strongly that love is beautiful, like giving and receiving, the genuine love with everything I’ve experienced. I know love exists, I know love is within. Nothing will ever defeat the person you call “home”.

In every relationship you get experience, but there’s always a relationship where you fall deeply in love with that person and never care whether they are doing good or bad. You were defeated by love. Love is real if you have a person with real intentions towards you.


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