Social media, or the Internet in general, has both advantages and disadvantages. Many of us abuse or misuse the Internet. I know that people dream to have many followers and likes, but you are doing it the wrong way, especially the aspiring models.

Being a model doesn’t mean that you should sell your body on the internet just to gain followers. You must bear in mind that you are to set an example to your community and nation at large. Posting ‘nudes’ could make you lose a contract or an opportunity because no agency or company will want to taint their image by working with you. So, instead of selling your body on the internet, here are some ways you can make some good out of social media as a model or aspiring model:

1) Join groups on Facebook (or any other platform) where other models share tips and advice with each other.
2) Try to look for agencies on the internet but please beware of scammers.

3) Don’t let pride distract you, ask for help.

Social media can jeopardise your life and career with just a click of a button if you use it the wrong way. But I assure you that if you try the abovementioned tips, you really will increase your chances of making it as a model.


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