Ignorance have erased love
Efforts are lost and relationship are destroyed
Flowers no longer blossom because no one take turns to maintain them
There is no one to water the flowers and remove weeds from it
In the end flowers die
Trees no longer bear fruits like a sad nation

Stubbornness have made plants wither and dry
Pollution have destroyed the air we breath in that love can’t survive
Global warming have left love unsettled because it’s either too hot or too cold
Love need a stable temperature
Love is now history and can no longer repeat itself
No one care anymore but erode others that love is not needed
Love is now hard to find and to some it doesn’t exist
Peer pressure has infected like a virus
We follow hatred and have no sympathy like following a good celebrity on Facebook
Love have vanished on earth like it never existed
Love is read reversed
There is evol that exist now
Evol is a word with no meaning
Where are you love?
I still hope to find you!