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Plz contact me I'm ur biggest fan!
DeathAvoCat · a month ago
Omg and u need to make more of the series : Family full of secrets! I mean it's heart breaking and sooo trashy at the same time! It's like a soapie but the book version! But very well written! Plz write more about Bright and Love more and that part of the fam! Also Abraham! I was so addicted to tht series! I need more plz! 😂 ❤️❤️
DeathAvoCat · a month ago
Omg ur so talented! I want to talk to u soooo badly! Maybe if u see this comment u might wanna talk to meee! I'm such a fan! Ur so talented and ur stories and sometimes heart breaking and mostly Veryy juicy! I want to become a writer maybe u could give me some tips!? Plz text me!!! :3 0605000033 ❤️🥺❤️
DeathAvoCat · a month ago
Please can u help me publish my first storybook all that gliters are not gold i mean our author strong woman i am a talented young girl i am still in j.s.s2
jumoke · 4 months ago
Ja get you,I saw your wow on my new story thanks,am working on book with !more than 12 chaptes,see how the fans think,if you would like to talk personally please take WhatsApp number 0612297993 for future writings,but I think you will find me when schools close now am quite busy to write stories. But nice stories.
Lubabalo726@gmai... · 3 years ago