I’ve been disgusted by your DNA.
Peter Piper pickpocketed your worthless genes from your pinkish jeans.
Vomit vehemently,
Vexed when you unveil your happy visage.
An assemblage of cabbage, omit greenish detriment.
Sprinkled your vocal chords with gibberish.
Feigning indifference was you drooling viciousness.
Plagued with rabies, temporal salivation.
Carry all your miscarriages in a carefree carriage .
Your raisins are babies, your babies are raisins.
Laughter at all the casualties.

i hope you lose yourself
i hope you lose your wealth
i hope you lose your self-

…love in these self-destructive days.
Contemplate pouring cement over
your pained heart.
Levitate and abbreviate the blame,
augmented hate has been painted on your face.
I gave you an abundance of multicoloured rose petals.
Why’d you boil hate in a cynical kettle?
Why would being with you be cylindrically toxic?