Life is too mysterious, but these are the times we are living in.
Wish to write a letter to the chamber of commerce, something about this town needs to be reported.
The generation is empty and possesses no vision.
The present is sluggish, I remember the Golden Ages, in Sebokeng.
Another time!
The present is a little unsatisfying perhaps dreamers need to become ambitious.
The past is not dead, ashes will rise turning into flesh.
Truth be told the future is never sworn only yesterday is assured.
Sebokeng life is too amazing to carry hate in her heart.
When life puts a few hazards on her path she never gives up.
She is a problem to be solved, we have given up on her based on the current.
Sebokeng you gave birth to visions and dreams, but your gound has swallowed up its Kings and Queens.
We get lost in the maze of untangling this riddle, taking us back Sebokeng.
Alignment is needed!