Maybe I was sleeping 
Or slightly dreaming
but when your smile
torched my eyes
and braced my soul
for about four
or five seconds
I felt a backhand
pouring my skeletons
Into a reminiscent jar of time
as green as your dress
as tender clock’s hands
swung us through pink skies
Your fro sparkling around my irises
before midnight struck the clock
and our ride froze
before we melted 
unto the moon’s surface 
As I felt my tears suffice 
into the highs
of a cloud of hope
like April’s grey waxing 
of the summer skies
Until we landed upon the waters
where mirrors displayed 
a heavenly devious entourage
of dropping clouds 
and rising mountains 
As your Guardian Angel
called upon my 
Mermaid of Peace
As though to go for a swim…
As though the sky wasn’t sinking 
beneath the palms 
of our tearfully romantic seas,
nor the ground flying 
to the pace of swimming bees
and flying fish
Heavens merging with the Earth’s
Amidst the singing mermaids
and swimming angels
which my tongue in yours
could see
and your eyes against mine
could taste
with ambitious haste
As your irises poured within mine
a waterfall of moonlight
whilst my lips sketched upon yours
a bitten blanket of sunrise
whilst psychological fish
pained and panged
upon those emotional butterflies
As the vision melted, within my head,
to the warm sound of your voice,
and its tears landed within your hands
as though my psychological fish of choice 
could no longer dance in pretense 
along with those overhead emotional butterflies
Before I smiled
like a twig that couldn’t breathe
before the melanin leaves
of your gorgeous… Oakwood tree