the iceberg within me
of frozen words
of my pending,
yet forever delayed confession 
Had become too heavy
to climb up my throat
before diving off my tongue 
and into your ears 
these tears 
fling upon my emotional ache
whose pound and sound
as my heartbeat bangs against my chest 
may just keep getting worse
‘Till my blindfold of insecurities 
finally slides below my eyes
low enough for them to see
the benediction of my confession 
regarding my crush on you 
Before my own heart
breaks out of my chest 
and finally sets free the 
red lake of my love letters
before leaving you gasping for air 
as my life falls apart 
as my love for you 
meltingly unravels the death of me
Although maybe then
will I be set free 
by your lips
from the boling sulfur
and Melting self-love
which my obsession over you 
has bore
for although 
my dreams revolve around you 
my pillow cannot bear any more 
for you have become 
my insomnia and amnesia