People lie

People cry

People regret

People separate

People change

People challenge

People judge

People wish for large

People enjoy lies than the truth

People take away lives for wealth

People can’t help without being seen

People can fear everything but not sin

People apologize and do the same

People do laugh at the lame

People find people to blame

People abandon when feelings fade

People forget once relationships end

People betray those they say they love

People take for granted people they have

People brag and say a lot

People pretend to have what they can’t afford

People envy what they are desiring

People love to see others suffering

People keep secrets to people that care

People hurt feelings of people who care

People marry people for money

People deny happiness for honey

People fake it just to be praised

People vary on how they were raised

People use people to win something

People are unsatisfied when they lack nothing

People force people to make things happen

People become selfish when things loosen

People turn backs on people

People fail to live life simple

People wage war with people

People make people cripple

People do things to their will

People in life fail being real

People hate being seen on low

People’s anger do cause a blood flow

People fake backgrounds to impress

People seek nothing outside happiness

People pretend to live godly

People hate other people’s glory

People at least are good and kind not evil

People can’t help a desperate rival