Maybe I couldn’t imagine him kissing another
Maybe I acted out of anger
Maybe I hated her for the love she got
Maybe I was blaming the wrong person
Maybe I couldn’t accept the fact that he didn’t love me no more
I made a fool out of my self
I became unreasonable
I pictured the man I loved with my whole heart, the one I thought is meant for only my human eyes n all of me licken another body
I couldn’t believe it even when I saw the 2 of them naked sharing a body temperature while I stood them with my wide big cute eyes
I couldn’t understand why i became so dumb that even my thought to be smart mind didn’t figure out what more he needed from me
I healed but I still don’t know what more does my heart need for everytime I see them together it feels like yesterday when I encountered a deepest pain even though we broke up

Maybe I should’ve made things better by not saying a word and leaving the moment I got the signs
Maybe I should’ve focused on family than strangers.