1.Do you remember the first ache from that pierce?
2.The pain makes me let out a sound
3.The pain that makes infants cry
4.I wish I could relate to the pain they feel , But to me , it’s a sound of pleasure

5.Piercings , Ohh Piercings
6.Do You Know How Much I Love That?
7.Every Shot Of Your Gun Gives Me Pleasant Joy ,
8.You on my face brings me esctatically gaze

9.Will there come a day when I stop loving you?
10.If that comes then my heart will be shattered
11.You bring the cheerfulness in me,
12.You is the ample of who I am
13.Give my smile it’s best glow .
14. Forwhy , You always make my heart thunder against my ribs , which gives me greater joy
15 .Coz honestly there’s no better pain I could ever feel , other than the piercing ache
16. You’re a lease of life