As I pluck the string of my guitar

While I pat my feet to its sound

Letting my fingers flexible like no bone are made into it

The guitar sung like mystery lady

Who can disappear like fog

But my sound stay longer

Longer to make people dance

Yes, some fall for it

And some cry, the tears of joy

I remind them about their times

Yeah, there moments in time

Intimacy the hard

The song played on background that day

There memories are vivid with my sound

Could it be I am great guitarist

Or maybe my veins runs with sorrow

I don’t utter a word but they relate my feelings while I pray to their moments

My guitar

Before plucking

Its silent and blank

Like plain paper without words

It’s my duty to paint and charge atmosphere

But I keep wondering

If what they feel is hatred or joyness

Because I my self I don’t enjoy it

I don’t know why I keep playing

I don’t know why I bleed deep down while playing it

It reminds me

Someone who cherished it

Someone I cherished

But now, here I’m busy playing it

Can someone tell me to stop

Because once I start playing it reminds me of that person 😭