Lips and eyes

As cute as the 

Brown skies

In the midst 

Of a backward(ly) eclipsed 

Yet encrypted sunrise

Where I can only imagine

Us truthfully lying

In the green grass

And orange sands 

Of a departed dawn

As we kiss and tell

Each other

Of the ringing bells

Which squander

The music notes

Of my heartbeat

And their peaceful thoughts

As my mind breathes, in,

The scents

Of strawberry lips

As the Chilvarious chants

Of burnt oranges

Bark into my nostrils

And leave me hallucinating,

Gracefully next to you,

Of a time where

Our winds of love,

Like doves,

Breeze thoroughly through 

Those red mapplewood trees 

Which blow us their leaves

As our picnic

Amongst fading billabongs

Of those hearts once saddened 

Leave our lips inter-wined 

And intertwined 

In flavours of grapes and pinotage

Before the clouds 

Plunge curiously towards our giggles

As your throat 

Savours the sacred splendor

Of my innocence 

Before we rewrite

The patterns 

Of our previous scars,

With graceful gestures

Fingerstroked grey’ly

Towards the stars