There’s trouble in paradise inside my heart i told my X I’m fine but I was lying I’m dying and drowning in my thoughts, even this words can never fix what’s broken.this words can never ever fix what i have lost. I tought we were in love but i guess i was the only one in love

I’m not ready to say goodbye, to be honest inside i’m not fine,I dont want to say good by and letting you go means losing my self, and i cant afford to lose you and lose my self,

i hate my self i bosted about you even those who are closed to me knew about you,i posted you on the media so the whole world could know about us, know I’m humiliated.

ο»ΏI’m dying and drowning in this pains, even pills cant take this pain away,i tried to forget about you,i tried to write you out of my heart the same way you told me when you were done with me.