We lust for a prayer, but the devil lure us for the bleak.
Summer changes to fun though our hearts always break.
Our minds freeze on the breezes of snow, like winter leaves.
Tears shed the struggle, but the burden is heavy.

We’re still young, but the metal on our shoulders brings pain.
Innocent faces, our faces… Drills no strength, we are on delay.
Every word our minds inject becomes deadly,
Our sacred hearts perceive the world being too thick to live.

We try to pray, only tears drop from our blurred visions, falling without any word said.
Our chest get filled with words while our lungs get aired.
Is it a welcome to be an adult, to handle the rest?
Our mouth are covered with tapes, we can’t say some words.

A child never gets any stress, they say as they don’t confer to our attention.
We can’t open the doors to the other side, to let them feel the penetration.
Nevertheless, houses are filled with the joy of a toddlers.
The fragility of our days are now gone, the devil took over teenagers.