Mrs Johannes Bag

She entered the classroom wearing a crooked smile

Her bag hung like a nest of a weaver bird by the river

It is filled with all sorts of goodies and spilled make ups

Our scripts were forced inside and leaned by that stenchy lunch box

The inner fabric was mapped by assorted leaked sauces and cream

That’s durable choice of sack that’s was so reliable to the owner

It happened that a dark banana messed with our naked books

We sometimes sent to bath it and beg it to dry and freshen it up

It’s like an apartment with so many hidden rooms and exits

She tirelessly search for her phone but lost the key to a right door

The outside was cracky as an elephant skin during winter days

Indeed it’s a genuine leather a historical one to mention it

She was too fond of it in such a way glossy wax was all over

We’ve been raised amd sharpen by it generations to generations

Coins were sunk at bottom of it like gems underneath the deep sea

Pens and pencils were curdling inside but too cuddle the pens wet it

Bread crumbs would invite the mices and they’ll badly hole it

It fed us and enrich us from leftovers and we enjoyed them

She became so furious when adviced to route for a new one

She’ll polish it and give it a new life you’ll conclude it’s new

We’ll squabble each other sometimes just to touch or hold it

She was given names like Mrs B.A.G.and Mrs Ou B it was nonetheless

They assume she was penny-pinching but for her it was keeps

We were once lashed when that naughty boy hid it in the ceiling

We never saw her so angry because of it indeed she loved it

We’ve bid farewell to her we were all so emotional to that loving lady

Oh! No! Surprisingly enough each colleague bought her a new bag as gift

She left with a plenty new bags but that brown leather bag remains