Letting go…
I smiled when I first laid eyes on you.
You did not know it yet but, I was in love.
It was love at first sight; oh how wonderful did it feel.
You put icing on the cake by sitting next to me, I knew
From that moment that you were sent from heaven above to
Bring a smile to my face.

We were happy at first; there was a time I thought I couldn’t live
Without you. I even went as far as thinking that we were inseparable.
I dreamt about our wedding day every night. When I close my eyes I used to see and You and Me “my love” on the church alter, just before we kiss I woke up. I enjoyed Having you around, were like R&J except for the dying part.

Things changed when you decided to move back to the roots. I thought we could survive the demarcation, but who was I fooling. I tried all I could to make it work but I forgot one thing. You’re human, and human do what they do best and that is to disappoint and break as many hearts as they can. I fought for you all my life; the good lord knows I did.

Even if I try fighting now I wouldn’t win because all the fight I had is dripping down
my face,
This is why I’m letting go…