I have lived in the shadow
For I was afraid of what
I was to become. I took
a deep breath, thinking about
the two angels who were about
to lose the last woman in their lives.
It was the broken picture
of myself I painted out of fear and rage against the world.
I took the steps to reach
for the curtains to see
the sun but the room was
too dark, I touched the biggest trophy I won back in primary
for intelligence when I was still
Ignorant. How was I wise?
I was  child who only knew how to laugh and cry.
It fell down, but its noise was lesser than the voices
of the demons inside, telling
me the sun will affect my eyes.
I stayed back. I didn’t want to
reach for the curtains anymore.
The only light I saw was my phone’s when I played sad songs that made me want to hide deeper than the roots of the Shepherd’s tree.
I yearned for the Angel of Marie
to come and take me with her.
For I have heard She was living
in a great kingdom of happiness. I didn’t want anything more than to wear
the same white attire as hers.
And hold the same white flower
as I run in the purest garden
with a head free of thoughts
and worries.