They will buy you boques as you lay in your grave cause they called your disease a phase
You asked them to save you but they told you to behave they failed you
They crave to hold you in their arms and to tell you how brave you are unfortunately they are too late
Depression is not a phase that comes with every birthday but a disease many are ignorent to y’all are a waste

There are essays written about this unfortunately if it don’t pay you leave it for another day
Aren’t yall tired of the cycle ? Or would you listen if it was written in the bible ? titled the kids are suicidal
I am not trying be spiteful instead I want y’all to be mindful of the people around you cause what others go through is painful

I’ve never battled depression or anything but to those who have y’all are powerful, wonderful, beautiful and I know the world is cruel, hateful and too much for y’all to handle but stay hopeful cause anything is possible