I know your stubbornness.
Your patience resembles a mule.
You work under pressure and carry heavy weights, 
and still, sustain the hardship. 
I wish I had your patience. 
I know your pride.
Like a lion in the jungle. 
You are full of energy and strength.
You have no time for subtlety. 
You know your worth.
You don’t compromise. 
I wish I had your pride.
I know your jealousy. 
Like a Frenchie bulldog.
I feel bothered when you are aggressive. 
Whatever comes your way, you bark.
Anything that threatens your territory, you bark.
I wish I had your jealousy.
Your stubbornness 
makes you persevere. 
Your pride
motivate us to strive for success,
and act with compassion.
Your jealousy
highlights what you value most,
It allows you to experience yourself 
as a strong, rational and passionate person.
I wish I had all these.