It was never easy saying goodbye
You’ve been my ride or die for years
And I never ever imagined closing your casket
Looking at your quiet body
Was a show stopper

I knew you always wanted so hard to keep quiet when you were alive but it made you more outspoken!!
I was never ready
You took a part of me that I thought would never die
You took my smile when you took that deep sleep

Ntomb’ yam
I so wish to hear you say that once more
Atleast with a goodbye message afterwards
I mean you never left to the mall without notifying me!!
But whyy?
Why was it so hard to goodbye when you took your last breath?

I did it daddy
I finally managed to toughen up and fight
But celebrating my victory alone
Was never on my bucket list
I wanted to make you proud
But death, took the pride of life
And destroyed the little I could offer you

I hope you’re proud
I hope you’re warm and well feed
And I know you love me still
Beyond those blue skies and white clouds
Shine upon me like you always did
Now I urge you to rest peacefully, for your work is done
I love you so much
Goodnight daddy see you in the morning