It’s been years

Trying to be bright

The steps I took

Shows how I was striving

Only God and I knows where I stepped

And I am still going to take more many steps

Because I haven’t arrived at where I am heading 

I am still asking for directions

I so wish if my footsteps would remain

So that I can tell and show where I was

But footsteps vanish easily

People are following me and I am following others

I am inspired and I am an inspiration also

I am serving respect as I go

Because everything starts with respect

The years were not wasted 

I stepped out

I asked for directions and I achieved

I will work even if I am sweating 

So that my footsteps

Will continue to be recognised

Anyone who will be inspired by me

Can come and take over my footsteps

Then that’s how mine will vanish

Maybe the footsteps would be better on cement 

But it’s better to give others a chance