The sound I hear 

Tells me to move 

Or else I will be left out

I will move but don’t go far away from me

But I don’t want to rush

I want to pull everything that is left

Everything happened so fast

If I would move now I don’t think I will last

My mind has not arrived in this year

It’s still left in the previous year

I am walking, the cars are hooting

I am not focusing, my toes are curious

I am confused, this road is still the same 

I am adapting, the wind is pushing me

My mind is ruling my body

Please understand me

I am trying to find myself 

I am still left trying to understand

How did it all happen in one year?

How did I manage?

The previous year has a lot to explain

I wonder who will give me the answers

I am blessed because I survived 

Let’s see what will I focus on this year

My mind is slowly coming back to where I am