we’re both doomed
or we’re rather blind –
We were bound to abide
by our own rules;
And yet here we are,
chasing trends from fools
who have westernized their love -:
Our roots were meant to guide
us through the ocean of life
so we don’t drown by ourselves;
but we chose to lead ourselves,
And here we are;
with our hearts rippen apart
and our minds slowly dozing off
from pills that were meant to bring
us back to life -:
Our midnight prayers
are flooded with tears,
we barely can sleep
so we wake God from
His own sleep;
If He didn’t sleep
maybe the world
would be at peace by now
Isn’t it?
While others pray for wealth,
others pray for their health;
then there are others hoping death
comes to their rescue -:
If this is life
then I urge God
to tie my destiny
to a barren;
Oh Well