I am bruised, I am ruined.

I am abused, I am ambushed.

I am bullied. I am pained with

some lies that was used.

You twisted my words for

me to be put to death, you

didn’t consider my mental-

health; I thought you’d repent.

Many people are now suffering

from trauma, that you caused;

because of the lies, that have

spread themselves like a

contagious deadly virus.

You took the myth of your word’s,

and made it up for my own ruin.

You took your time to plan my

death without cause; I hope you

read this as if it was my obituary.

You gathered people with your

lies, for you to be loved and

recognized; moreover laid traps

for my soul to be abducted, and

set fire to the rain; little did you

know that thunder knew my soul.

You turned the words of my

poetry writings, into something

that’d work for your conspiracy,

and many believed you, so poor

soul’s without defendant may

live with fear and die.

Your creator is ashamed of

your deed’s, after me how

many soul’s are you going to

take on to the grave side

before their time?

May the upcoming generation

fear lies, yet may they not fear

to be called cowards nor all

sorts of these name’s. Fear

not for you know who you are!

My son’s and daughters, they’re

trying to diminish your dreams.

Perpetrators always acts as ‘victims,’

keep your focus on GOD! sometimes

it’s not all about what you’ve said:

but to get rid of you your gifts and


“Don’t kill yourself skill yourself,

patience heals the patient.”

May those who lived in fear, be

freed in Jesus mighty precious

name; may all the innocent souls

that fell off for this trap: rest in

eternal peace, Amen.

If you’re a chosen one: there will be time where you have to undergo mockery, pain, evil diseases persecutions and tribulations. There will be time when the societies gathers together with conspiracies for you to be completely destroyed or even killed. There will be time where they will make their children to utterly disrespect you and turn your child or children against you, There will be time whereby you’ll be in a season of drought and shame. There will be a time of ocean of tear’s in thine life, through it all just tell yourself that whether is God or Satan may the best power win and everything end with peace. I am Elias Rakoboa