Whilst birds ceaselessly chirped
We marched ‘n’ marched
Chanting, “Achoke! Achoke! Achoke!”
Whilst our faces liked the devil’s
Yes, we marched ‘n’ marched
The me smiled and emulated

Teargases blasted into the air
The Men and Women’s smiles
Turned down in the dumps
Children’s cries filled the poor sky
Only later we became homeless

Later on
Did we tackle
The Giant Elephant in the house
That tried to square the circles
Ay, we won the war
We won as the night parted “Aloha!”
And we felt relieved
Only to awaken in a deadly Western Breath
That chanced corruption rise to the peak
In the smiles of the Big Shorts
Poverty and depravity
Dwelled among us again

The LORD blessed
We crept forward
To a “New Chapter of Life”
Led by incompetent leaders
And now the chickens come home to roost
But the Western Breath is still
Nevertheless, our minds swing still
Amidst the sky!