Can’t show you smiles

Since you ruining our lives

Sending to grave those we loved

We crying for ambitions we had

Lot of our pillars are gone

So hard to survive on our own

You so selfish not considering our choices

Do you even know we live with purposes?

Wonder why you have life but remain heartless

You just made our hard work and efforts useless

For your coming our businesses have gone bad

No leaders of tomorrow since schools were closed

Heard you started days back in wuhang city

Now everywhere you killing without pity

Quickly picking to the grave our families

Without mourners are your COVID19 funerals

Can’t point out where loved ones were laid

That you are seasonal we are all worried

On the pitch now patients are getting treated

Since hospitals are full though many are dying

Without resting our nurses are working

Just perceived you truly lack compassion

And that you enjoy seeing us in depression

But now we stand against you without fear

Those preventative measures we will adhere

Early hospital visits once symptoms are felt

Without hesitation now we careful life is a gift

That you can take us all to the grave its a reality

Therefore everyone takes the responsibility

Can’t stand complaining about you for years

We losing lives and tired of shedding our tears

Everyone is determined to complete the mission

Nobody rests until zero coronavirus admission

Face masks, one meter apart that’s lifestyle

Together we joined hands in coronavirus battle