i met my angel and I was in cloud nine

I sit next to her without a single fear

without a doubt or negative thoughts

thoughts of heartbreak 💔 💘far away

angels are supposed to be Godsend

giving us only love and never evil

comforting us when we cry tears of pain

giving us their shoulder when we most in need

I also thought I found my own angel

someone I can confide my feelings to

someone I can share my joys with

but this one was an angel from hell

the angel lookalike deceive my whole me

she break my only poor heart and left

she left me numb with lots of doubts

and turned my world into a harmful place

the unfortunate part was my poor heart

I gave that hell angel my lovely n only heart

and the fake angel left with it to hell

for me to continue I had to reclaim it back

…and that was sooo hard

how could and angel break my heart ?!